Monday, August 18, 2008

Blackberry Bramble

Quickberry !
Quackberry !
Pick me a blackberry !


Rumble and ramble
In blackberry bramble
Billions of berries
For blackberry jamble

- Jamberry
Bruce Degen

Looks like nobody ventured a guess as to where I was. I should have given more clues but anyway I was in Geneva last week visiting friends. It was my first time there & actually also my first time in Switzerland.

I'd be posting the photos real soon but guess what was the first thing I did after I return ? That is after I'd done unpacking, doing the laundry & re-organising my laptop (sigh, they weren't able to recover any of the data from my macbook sob sob all my photos). Pick blackberries.

Remember the trail near our house, well it's full of wild blackberry bushes & the blackberries are all starting to ripen. It's always fun to pick in the wild but picking blackberries is probably the least fun of the berry picking because the plant is prickly & full of thorns.

The Girl was in charged of holding the basket while I picked. Note to self : Remember never to bring her berry picking again cos she just stood there eating whatever I had put in. In spite of that, we still managed to collect 1 kg of blackberries.

What do you think I should do ? Blackberry ice cream, blackberry muffins, blackberry crumble - so many options......

Note : The extract at the beginning of the post is taken from one of our favorite books - Jamberry - all about a little boy's love of berries.


Beth said...

Ooh a Blackberry and Apple crumble I think. Im waiting for the blackberries to ripen in my garden (well they are technically in the field next to our house but have started to come through the fence - Im not complaining though

Mochachocolata Rita said...

goshhh i am always crazy jealous of those who live in the land of berries....

berries only grow in markets here sob sob

petite fleur said...


Great idea. I love apple crumble but have never thought of addding blackberries. Stay tuned for my post on that.


Funnily enough I was never a big berry person until I moved here. Now I'm berry mad.

BeLive said...

Yes, hubby and I simply adore berries. Cherries, blackberries,'s summer in the US, so we really got to eat very fresh and sweet berries.

Can you tell me what camera you are using? I simply adore all your pixs ;)

Moo said...

oooh lucky you..get to pick your own fruits while i have to buy overpriced stuff at the market. or eat them while working..hahaha..

bACk in GERMANY said...

So sorry to hear about your photos...

Keke... can imagine The Girl stuffing her face with blackberries! :) My girl eats while we pick fruits too and she thinks she can gobble down apples as quickly as she does with strawberries! haha...

petite fleur said...

Belive - I use a Nikon D40 - love it.

Moo - Come visit me lah. Les Trez were here & we all went blackberry picking together.

C - So the trick is to pick them faster than they can eat them....

Anonymous said...

Oh so maybe i should live a comments of your pictures to get some attention .what type of zoom did you say you was using ? X.