Monday, August 25, 2008

Geneva Highlights

I've been having all kinds of technical difficulties. First my hard disk crashed, then my internet box went burst..... Do bad things always come in threes ? So what's next ?

This is a little overdue but here are our highlights of Geneva. Look out for part 2 - the child friendly version.

Geneva - the city that Singapore fancies itself after. Coming from Ardeche, it was invigorating to be in a metropolitan city again - the Brazilian bossa nova concert, the Thai food stalls, the Russian & Middle Eastern tourists, the very English Marks & Spencer shop & the 5 Asian stores that I went to....everything so accessible.

Jet d'Eau
The symbol of Geneva - a man made water spray of 140m
(The symbol of Singapore - a merlion spraying water from it's mouth)
I used it as my point of reference when exploring the city

Flower Clock
what else but for the city famous for watch making
Apparently the most accurate clock in the world
(oops my watch was 7 mins faster)
made of 6500 flowers

The beautiful St Pierre Cathedral

Hotel de Ville
preparing for another concert

Chess game
Parc des Bastions

Reformation Wall

Youth Park, Plainpalais
We went there for the flea market but I found this more fascinating

Lac Leman or Geneva Lake
(stop on the way to Ikea)

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