Monday, August 25, 2008

Child Friendly Geneva

Geneva lived up to its reputation for being efficient - we had no problems going anywhere with the stroller - there were lifts & ramps everywhere.

There were also no lack of activities to keep the little one occupied. Here are our favorites.

The number one activity - feed the swans.
Now we know where all the left over & stale bread in Geneva goes to

The platform set up for the Festival of Geneva
We were lucky to catch the festival with food stalls from around the world, concerts, rides etc.

I absolutely loved the children's playground
with their retro, wooden equipment
Such a nice change from the colourful plastic ones we seem to see everywhere else

Natural History Musem - free for all
A very impressive array of animals, dinosaurs, insects, birds of every considerable species

I love this collection of glass blown model jellyfish
So pretty

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Tsu Lin + + said...

Wow... I always heard good things about Switzerland. Will need to visit here before we move back!