Sunday, August 31, 2008

Our dinner from the land

With produce as fresh as these, you really don't have to do much. The best is to keep it simple.

Cepe is by far my favorite mushroom so I was thrilled when we randomly found some yesterday

I made omelette with cepe (it's very French)
but sadly I got distracted cos also cooking the fish &
the omelette turned out less than perfect
But the cepe made up for it & we gobbled every last bit

The very fresh trout
The Girl was so excited to see her grandfather catch the fish
that she was asking me every 5 mins when it was time for dinner

I was tempted to steam it but The Girl wanted it fried cos she likes the crispy skin
Let it be known that she ate half the fish
(trout has small bones so you've got to be careful feeding it to young children)
Recipe here

What about the rest of the fruits & vegetables ?

Tomato Salad sprinkled with salt & basil leaves (yes something from my garden)

Strawberries & raspberries with mint leaves (from my garden too)

I know I'm a very lucky girl

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