Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Lagorce, Ardeche

Right after I finished unpacking, my friends arrived. Boy what a hectic week it has been. I always enjoy having guests in town cos it gives me an excuse to explore more of Ardeche. And we sure did.

We started by exploring some of the villages in the area, beginning with Lagorce. I was surprised to learn that Lagorce with it's population of 700 residents, is the largest commune in Ardeche covering an area of 7000 ha. We walked to the top of the village which has a great view of the Valley of Ibie.

When it was time for lunch, we just stopped someone who looked like he was from around there to ask where would be a good place to picnic. He directed us to the Sentier Botanique & we headed there for the first of our many picnics of the week.

The view of the village from where we had our picnic

The Girl who wanted to use a fig leaf to shade from the sun

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