Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Labeaume is one of my favorite villages in Ardeche. A village set within the cliffs & rocks, the rugged landscape that is so typical of this region. They are also famous for their annual music festival which sadly I've yet to attend.

So when my friends were in town, this was one of the places I had to show them. We decided to spend the day there so we packed our swim gear, beach toys, picnic basket (yup another one) & spent a glorious day just lazing under the sun.

Just take a look at this setting
Don't you want to jump in & swim ?

View from the top as we approach the village

There's a nice "beach" where the children can play
and the river is also long & deep enough to do laps if you so fancy

The house right at the top has a swimming pool & the most spectacular view
I got major house envy when I saw it

Even as I'm writing this post & looking at the pictures, I'm already thinking I would very much like to go back again to swim under the cliffs & rocks.

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Beau Lotus said...

Beautiful beautiful I get house envy when I see that house too, but it's kind of high up there, don't you think so?

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