Sunday, June 21, 2009

abalone noodles

Since returning, I've been eating noodles as if they were going out of fashion. Fishball noodles, beef noodles, wanton mee, bak chor mee, laksa, mee siam, fish head noodles - I don't crave for rice the way I do for noodles.

My current fave are these abalone noodles that my friend Ian brought back from Hong Kong. I've always loved the HK har tse meen (prawn flavored noodles) but abalone noodles is new to me. They come individually packed with a small seasoning packet that has bits of abalone in them.

Just throw in some wontons (I don't make them myself anymore, I buy them fresh or frozen), veggies and serve them Hong Kong style with red vinegar & lee kum kee chilli sauce.


Alcovelet said...

Drool. I can't believe the food pictures on your blog. Makes me seriously hungry! Think I have to scour the stores for some good HK style noodles for my fill.

petite fleur said...

Oh you must..I saw some at Carrefour