Monday, June 22, 2009

Mad about dinosaurs

One particular show stood out amongst the offerings for the recent Children's Season. Dinosaurs in the Garden by Erth Visual & Physical. You might have read in the papers about how dinosaurs were let loose on the streets of Singapore as a publicity stunt, well that's them.

This is an Australian group & together with their dinosaurs, travel all over the world. The dinosaurs are very well made life sized puppets, of course. The stage was filled with inflatable plant life that existed in the jurassic age. The presenter (I forgot his name) was very entertaining but not only that, gave lots of snippets of dinosaur facts

Almost every kid I know is mad about dinosaurs. Maybe because they don't exist anymore ? I've never seen a more enthusiastic bunch at a show. There were no shortage of kids wanting to go on stage to pet the dinosaurs, to tell jokes or even to put their head inside one (scary even if it's just a puppet).

I close this post by sharing a joke told by one of the kids

Question : What do you call a sleeping dinosaur ?
Answer : A dino-snore

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