Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Substituting lup cheong for chorizo

Where before I had to work with limited Asian ingredients, now I find myself having to substitute Western ingredients. It's a situation I would not have imagined myself to be in . I suppose the 5 years in France has spoilt me. In between my binges of bak chor mee, laksa & mee siam, I'd have a craving for something French - Rene's caillette, wild mushrooms, foie gras, gratin.

Where before I complained about expensive Asian ingredients, now I'm shocked at how expensive Western ingredients are - even the most regular stuff like cream (a must in French cooking), grated cheese (I'm not even talking about the premium stuff), chorizo (okay it's not French but you have no idea how many places I went to before I finally found some).

Remember my wannabe-paella, well I wanted to make some & since I couldn't find any chorizo, I decided to substitute with lup cheong (chinese sausage). Hence creating arroz con camarones y lup cheong. Not bad at all. I was rather pleased with the result. The crust turned out very well & since this was a mini success, I'm going to be experimenting more.

Why kill myself trying to find expensive air flown ingredients when I could be sourcing local or Asian alternatives ?


Anonymous said...

hahahaa want anything from here before X gets there?


petite fleur said...

Thank you my about some saucisson ? I can't find any here. Look forward to seeing you & the boys next month.

Ivana said...

No saucisson? No Chorizos? Yikes! I knew that it would be difficult to get cheeses... I guess I'll be packing some in my luggage! = ) Thanks for the tip-off!

petite fleur said...

I always pack saucisson & pate when I come visit but when I moved back, I didn't think to pack them....X will just have to lug some over when he comes.

Anonymous said...

sure I can get saucisson for you, which type? from carrefour or charcuterie?

I will be getting some from the supermarket back cause the boys will be asking for them and also forlena.


monlim said...

looks delicious! yes, it's a bummer that cheese is so expensive here, even the regular kind.