Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Of knobs & Da Vinci

I believe it was Eunice who recommended I go to the Singapore Science Centre. It must have been more than 30 years since I last went. The Da Vinci exhibition is on right now & from what I know, the Science Centre is air conditioned so we hopped onto the train & headed over to Jurong East.

The Science Center is every kid's dream. No knobs or buttons went untouched that day. The Girl insisted on trying EVERY.SINGLE.ONE. Many were not reachable but was that going to stop her ? No siree, she had a plan - stand on the stroller. See evidence below.

Photographic proof of bad mother allowing daughter to stand on stroller. Sorry for the grainy picture cos it's taken with my phone. Would you believe it ? I forgot to pack my battery charger for the camera. I left it in France !

We didn't really have time to check out all the display nor go to the popular Omni Theatre (more reason to go back again) cos I didn't want to miss the excellent Da Vinci exhibition. It has been around the world & I'm so glad we managed to catch it while it was in town.

The exhibition showcased all his talents, as an artist, sculptor, inventor, scientist, engineer, anatomist, biologist, architect, philosopher & musician (some of which I wasn't even aware of). I was most impressed with the display of his inventions. There were scaled down interactive models of his ingenious contraptions that were just so way ahead of his time. There were of course, many manuscripts showing his famous "mirror" writing & a huge section detailing the Mona Lisa. Don't kill me but in my opinion, not what he should be most remembered for.

No photos were allowed but you can check out more about the exhibit here.


edith said...

Next stop, Discovery Centre. I remembered we have so much fun that we spend nearly a day there. Hope it is still the same.

Jim See said...

Da Vinci was here many years ago at the Arts Museum. I remembered that exhibition very very well. The exhibition was fantastic! Will go to the Science Centre soon ...

petite fleur said...

That's why I love blogging, I keep getting these gems from everyone. Thank you Edith.

Jim - Not sure how long more it's running for but definitely head on over if you'd enjoyed it the last time.