Thursday, July 8, 2010

Another reason to love the Esplanade

I've gushed often about how much we love the Esplanade. Now we have one more reason - library @ esplanade.

It all started when I went to watch Emily of Emerald Hill & at the entrance of the Victoria Theatre, the national library had set up a mobile booth for lending out books & videos. Naturally the subjects dealt with arts & theatre - I particularly liked that they focus on the local arts scene. But what struck a cord with me was the selection of foreign movies.

I'd been to the audio visual collection at The National Library & was not impressed. Until I discovered the little secret that is library @ esplanade. The thing to know is that it specialises in performing arts - any book, video, CD on dance, theatre, film & music can be found there.

It has a fabulous selection of foreign movies. An entire aisle of them. I couldn't believe my luck. Movies that you won't be able to find at Poh Kim Video Store. French, Italian, Korean, Japanese, Iranian, Russian. I could hardly control myself.

That's not forgetting they have several aisles of English language movies as well. I've since upgraded my membership to Premium Plus for $42 a year - a bargain if you ask me cos it allows you to borrow 8 movies for 2 weeks. Move over ezyvideo.

Like books, for a small nominal fee of $1.55 you can reserve the more popular titles.

I know everyone else is busy watching World Cup. Me, I'm happily watching my library rented foreign movies.


Beau Lotus said...

That's a lucky find, petite fleur!

I am envious...

SL said...

I love foreign movies too - we use lovefilms, and rent dvds through the post. Have probably gone through whatever limited stock they have at our local video store. Envious - wish i was back home too!!

petite fleur said...

Yes Ladies..I know I'm very lucky.