Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ying Yang

Harry's Hospitality just opened their first hotel in Singapore. The Club Hotel along Ann Siang Hill, which has become the unofficial home of boutique hotels where the Scarlett is also located. Anyway, one of our colleagues threw a farewell party there earlier & I went with an ulterior motive to check the place out.

The Club Hotel is all decked in black & white taking full advantage of the colonial heritage of the building - there is even a huge statue of Sir Stamford Raffles right at the lift lobby going to the Sky Bar which has since been renamed Ying Yang.
The quirkiness of the neighbourhood & the hotel appeals to me. The rooftop bar overlooks a verandah across the road that has a big Chinese altar table or the huge satellite dishes installed on the roof of the next building. You couldn't ask for a better backdrop than that.

There really should be more rooftop bars in Singapore.

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