Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Goa sights & sound

I promise this is THE LAST of my posts on Goa.

According to our driver, all trucks & big vehicles are obligated to have signs at the back to say "Sound Horn" - apparently this is for overtaking & the drivers there happily obliged.

Accordingly to my Indian friends, Goa's not like the rest of India & you can see why.

You could be in some small town in Portugal

Old part of Goa is a World Heritage Site. Most of the attractions are within walking distance & can be done in half a day - unless like us, our driver missed some & we had to go back a second time.

Another thing to do in Goa is to visit their Spice Farms. There are many to choose from & we went to an organic one. Don't forget your mosquito repellent !

cashew, a major export of Goa

that's where they come from

That's cinnamon
This should be familiar - aloe vera

We also visited some of the newer Hindu temples

Here's what you get at the tourist stalls

these are tattoo stamps


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