Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Because I like to torture myself

Photo credit : Adelyne

I know Chinese New Year is already over but I had to share these 2 photos. They were taken by my sister in law & are the only 2 of The Girl in her chinese cheongsam. Don't ask me why I didn't take any (bad maman). The rest are photos of our food fest in Singapore. I'm putting them up as a reminder of all the food I can't get here. You see I like torturing myself.

Aside from my mother's cooking (which unfortunately she doesn't do as much now), the next closest comfort food for me is the fare at Soup Restaurant - steamed yoke bang with salted egg, lotus root soup, steamed chicken. We went overboard, as usual & probably ordered every dish on the menu.

This was our reunion dinner cocktails. Lychee martini with pork floss chips (unfortunately I only brought one packet back from Phuket) & on the right, representing the West, olives stuffed with red peppers.

Our reunion dinner - Steamboat. Although we make shabu shabu often here, see that plate on the left, that's what we're missing in France - fish balls, beef balls, fresh enoki mushroom & tau pok.......
Tossing yu shang @ Taste Paradise. If you're looking for good Chinese food & don't feel like going to yet another Tung Lok or Crystal Jade restaurants, then I'd recommend checking this place out. The food is awesome & the service even better.

I really have been away for a long time cos I didn't realise that there were hip beach bars in Sentosa. The music at the Cafe del Mar was a little too loud for my taste but they have a pool which was great for The Girl to splash around. Why would the pool be useful since we are by the beach ? Have you seen the view from Sentosa ? The one of the many cargo ships docked just offshore. No thank you very much, I ain't dipping my toes in there especially after I'd just enjoyed beautiful clear waters in Phuket.

This is what a vacation is all about
Champagne at lunch

My best friend's mum makes a mean popiah & I always try to get myself invited to her popiah parties. The deluxe version with chunky crab meat & whole prawns.

This was a new discovery this trip. We stumbled on this sichuan restaurant in Chinatown that serves what I consider rather authentic sichuan food that is hard to come by in Singapore. My favorite starter dish - ox tongue & tripe in spicy pepper sauce is really good (which I forgot to take a picture of). But I did take a picture of this interestingly presented boiled pork belly.

This was a delicious plate of dried beef hidden amongst the mounds of red pepper.

The very famous River Valley Nasi Padang - the one where their recipes are stored in a safe. It's good but I couldn't figure out what the fuss was all about.

That's it for now, are you drooling yet ?


Lilian said...

GAWWWWDDD...you're killing me with the food pictures!! oooooohhh...

The Girl looks perfect in her cheongsam.

eunice said...

My fave pic is of N. Gorgeous!!!(again, I sound like a broken record).

Alcovelet said...

I can't believe it. You come for a short trip and you unearth these gems???? What Sichuan restaurant in Chinatown? Quick!! Spill the beans! I gotta get me there quick!

And you daughter's so cute!

Anonymous said...

The girl looks extremely sweet !!!!


SIG said...

Oh my, your babe looks gorgeous in her cheongsam. :)

monlim said...

Mei, the food looks great but the one that looks truly gorgeous is your daughter. Wah, she looks like she can be a child model, she really has the perfect blend of ethnicities!!!

petite fleur said...

Thank you everyone.

It's called Chuan Restaurant on Purvis street - just outside the MRT station.

bACk in GERMANY said...

I should have gone a eating with you! I'm booking you for lunch when you are back in Sg next.

And the girl looks just gorgeous!

Tsu Lin + + said...

N looks so gorgeous in her cheongsam - that is a very pretty red, something I would love to get for my daughter!

And your food photos are so so yummy. I also like to go to Soup Restaurant when I was going down to S'pore very often for work years ago. Delish & affordable food with nice decor.

petite fleur said...

back in germany
It's a date. I'm sorry I didn't meet the rest of the ladies as well but promised to be more organised the next time I'm back

tsu lin
They were selling all kinds of cheongsams for children over CNY & she loved hers too. Kept wanting to wear it.