Monday, February 23, 2009

La Villa Tartary

When we are in France, we don't eat out very often which is why you don't see a lot of reviews on this blog. Last week with The Girl staying over at her grandparents, we decided to make a date & went out to town.

We have been meaning to try out this new restaurant cos whenever we drive past, the space looks amazing & plus we know the owners. The lady, worked at the baby store where we had a list for when The Girl was born, who together with her husband, the chef opened up this restaurant last November.

The space is indeed awesome - high ceiling & done in a contemporary style which is unusual in these parts. For a Tuesday night, the restaurant was packed, another rarity so we were really looking forward to the food.

The beautiful glass mirror with the specials of the day

Glass panel which shows the action in the kitchen

To complement the contemporary decor, they put up some interesting art pieces too - the round one by the window, not the one holding the menu.

Being the inexperienced food blogger that I am, there are no pictures of the food here. Not that I'd forgotten to take pictures of the food, I feel awkward doing it. I don't have a problem taking pictures in a casual dining environment but somehow it doesn't seem right to take pictures in a fine dining restaurant. If you noticed, even the pictures above were taken before the rest of the diners arrived.

In any case, the meal was good but not spectacular. I had a starter of Breaded pork feet & shoulder (trust me, it tastes much much better than it sounds) & was my favorite dish of the evening. My dessert was a citrus tart with slices of fresh fruits & topped with a grapefruit sorbet - very refreshing. X had 2 fish dishes which were both rather forgettable.

La Villa Tartary

64 Rue de Tartary
07200 Aubenas

04 75 35 23 11


Anonymous said...

Come to think of it, the French & Chinese do not differ much when it comes to eating. Both races are not squeamish & eat all sorts of animal innards. Try giving pigs feet, chicken feet to an American & they cry foul, they will proclaim with outbursts that "its not meant for eating!"

petite fleur said...

We are not wasteful

Anonymous said...

Don't know how this blog business works but have just read the one about La Villa Tartary. I have lived in the Ardeche for over 6 years & one thing I have found is that good quality restaurants in the Aubenas area in short supply!
For me La Villa Tartary goes a long way to putting this right.
I will certainly go there again.