Sunday, January 24, 2010


Go watch the 3 idiots. I highly recommend it.

We're going through a bit of a Bollywood phase. First the Merchants of Bollywood. Then the 3 idiots. My Indian colleague suggested it. To top it off, it was showing at the newly reopened Rex Cinema.

While maintaining the 70s look, the cinema is beautifully refurbished with state of the art sound system ( we were a little blown away by the sound ). Not forgetting the crowd it caters to, there was a sign reminding one not to spit betel nut.

The cinema aside, the movie is excellent. Watch it now. The Bollywood fan sat through the 3 hour movie without fidgeting nor complaining. The movie apparently set a box office record in India - not bad in an industry that releases 800 movies a year.

It's a story of 3 friends who met at a College of Engineering & how one who is not afraid to go against convention, inspired the other 2. It has the usual song & dance sequence but it's the story & the acting that will leave you laughing, crying & clapping.

It has been a while since I lost myself in the magic of a movie....and I now have a crush on Aamir Khan.


Beau Lotus said...

I love Bollywood movies and am sorry we don't have them here.

petite fleur said...

Don't worry...I'll send it over once it's released in VCD or DVD.