Sunday, January 24, 2010

Rex Curry Puffs

Right across the road from Rex Cinema was where it all started for Old Chang Kee. We all know what happened to them - they are now an empire, sprouting all over the island, feeding the snack hungry masses. There is of course an Old Chang Kee at the entrance of Rex (see top picture of my previous post).

But I was interested in a coffee shop across the road called Selera's that is also famous for their curry puffs. Theirs are slightly cheaper than Old Chang Kee at only $1. They too have a variety of snacks - perfect for our 3 hour long movie.

Bunches of bananas for goreng pisang

They have mutton curry puffs too but I ordered the usual chicken. Very good. They are generous with the stuffing which is moist & not dry.

Selera Restaurant
15 MacKenzie Rd

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