Monday, January 4, 2010

Little Thailand

Were we in Thailand again ?

Nope. That's Golden Mile Complex, better known as Little Thailand. Given our love for Thai food, we were bound to make our way there sooner or later.

It was like we were in Bangkok. We headed to the supermarket on the second floor just to have a quick look see. Several times I found myself telling X, hey we can get that in Singapore....wait a minute, but we are in Singapore.

And this is something I have yet to see in any supermarket in Singapore - a rat trap.

My heart be still, just look at the variety of instant noodles

Pity I can't read Thai. There were so many different types of shrimp paste - I couldn't tell the difference.
Deep fried grasshoppers any one ?

It's always a bad idea to shop for food on an empty stomach. After we picked up some essentials, we headed downstairs to look for the highly recommended Diandin Leluk. They have since opened up several branches all over Singapore but the one at Golden Mile Complex is the original.

I was eager to see how authentic it is. So many Thai restaurants in Singapore tone down their food to cater to local taste buds - what a letdown.

The benchmark I use is always Som Tam. I know it's street food but when done well, it's so good. Theirs hit the spot. Very spicy & I'm glad they are not afraid to keep it spicy.

We tried this once at a restaurant in Phuket. I was thrilled to see it on the menu. Raw shrimp with garlic & chilli - think of it as Thai style sashimi. Not for the faint hearted. Shrimp was fresh but I just felt it was missing something.

Boring I know but we must have our pad thai. It was good but nothing to write home about.

As much as he loves Thai food, X doesn't like Tom Yam Goong ..... so the pot of soup was all mine. More for me. I could not stop drinking this. It was definitely one of the better ones that I've had. Spicy without overwhelming the taste.

Would I be back again ?


Diandin Leluk
#01-67 Golden Mile Complex
5001 Beach Rd


edith said...

I love their mango salad. They have this little crunchy stuff that I couldn't identify.

petite fleur said...

Do you go to this outlet or to their other branches ? We have to go there together one day.

Beau Lotus said...

I used to go there alot but can't remember why. Probably to watch movies at the cinema next door?

There's a hawker centre nearby that had a good Thai tze char stall and a coffee shop that served a mean Kamhiong hai (crabs).

petite fleur said...

lotus : i love kumhiong hai but then again just like you, i love crabs too. you have to tell me where that is.