Thursday, June 30, 2011

Art Garden @ SAM

Meet Walther
The huge bunny who decided to lie down in front of SAM
The Art Garden on till end of August

An entire gallery completely covered with train tracks,
even on the walls

Tree of love
filled with lots of papier mache animals & figures

Make your own paper fruits
Choose from 6 different designs with different degree of difficulty

It's a lot harder than it looks
All it requires is a little bit of patience
Take your time with it
I folded while the Girl added the glue

Here's the Girl's favorite fruit
Yup, she loves mangosteens
Once you're done, you get to keep it or exchange it for a real fruit
We kept ours

Pasting stickers on the elephant

Dancing solar flowers
Such a happy wall

Mummy Dearest
Bigger version of the paper dolls

Lightning Action
Are these white empty boxes ?

Or Toy boxes ?
A special video effect slowly adding images to the boxes making them sort of come alive

Since you are there for the Art Garden,
Do check out the Video Art Series

SAM website has activity books for children of different age groups
Here's the one for 5 & above


Ivana said...

This is so amazing! Def bringing B there. Thanks for the write up!

petite fleur said...

My pleasure. Enjoy !