Saturday, June 4, 2011

Cirque Eloize ID

We just watched this brilliant show & I can't wait to recommend it to you.

I'm reluctant to call Cirque Eloize ID a circus performance cos it is unlike any I've seen. Like Cirque du Soleil there are no animals & both are based in Canada. But that is kind of where the similarity ends. This is a highly charged show with an urban setting. No glamorous costumes, the performers are in street clothes. Where Cirque du Soleil has haunting music, this here is rock, electronica & hip hop.

You get the usual contortionist, juggler, aerial acrobat, balancing chairs but done in a new & exciting way mixed with skates, stunt bicycles, skipping ropes & break dancing.

For me, the highlight has to be the finale trampoline act. The performance is done against a wall that is constantly changing with the video projection making it absolutely amazing. Catch the show while it is still in town, you won't regret it.

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