Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Dairy Farm Nature Park

This is the second in our series of trails which should have been called Western Adventure Park Connector Network Walking Trail but due to reasons I will explain later, we only did part of the trail.

First off, the taxi couldn't find Segar LRT station which should have been the initial starting point but we did find Zhenghua Park so we decided to start there instead. According to my brother the mountain cycling enthusiast, there are several popular bike trails there.

After a short walk, we arrived at Dairy Farm Nature Park

I have to admit I've never heard of Wallace Education Centre
Once a cow shed for Dairy Farm, now totally refurbished &
turned into a centre for promoting environmental research.

We spent quite a bit of time poking around, looking at the students' projects & reading the materials. All rather fascinating.

What a great space !

I was tempted to take some of the other trails to Bukit Timah Nature Reserve
but decided to stick to our plan & made a mental note to check those out another time

The Singapore Quarry is a bit of a trek but worth making the detour

I hadn't expected to see water in a quarry
But then again, it has been inactive since the 70s

From there, we were supposed to take the Hillview Park Connector to Bukit Batok Nature Park but we never made it. The Hillview area requires walking along the road past residential cndos & it wasn't very interesting. By then, we were tired & just needed an excuse to grab a cab home & hopped into the pool.

We might go to Bukit Batok Nature Park another time. Stay tuned.

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