Thursday, June 16, 2011

Keeping The Girl Occupied during School Holidays

I never had to worry about school holidays before. When we were living in France, I was a stay at home mum so school breaks were just extended weekends. When we moved to Singapore, she went to full day kindergarten which meant there were only a handful of days the centre was closed.

What was I going to do with her for a whole month ? Playdates. Camp (I finally found one with an interesting agenda but more importantly, didn't cost an arm & a leg which was where she went last week). Thankfully there are lots going on around town & this is one of our favorites. Before I go there, a little about our lunch.

So I took the day off to have lunch with her (a mother & daughter bonding lunch) at Wild Rocket which was very good. The restaurant is tucked away in Mount Emily but was packed at lunchtime. My first time there & I fully intend to go back again, with X. I ordered the 3 course set lunch very reasonably priced at $28. The starter (we shared) was deep fried tofu with creamy century egg sauce - a little unusual but we both liked it. I had the much talked about laksa pesto with quail's egg & shrimp that was yummy. Her burger was juicy & flavorful. The cucumber & pink grapefruit granita was the perfect end to a very satisfying meal.

After the nice lunch, we strolled leisurely over to the National Museum to the Playdome as part of the Children's Season. I had intended to go there only for a couple hours & then head home to do a bit of swimming but nope, we were there close to 4 hours.

She insisted on going to every station & doing everything.

First stop - the Wayang Play Stage. The children get to decorate & colour the mask any way they like, after being briefed on what the typical colors meant. Then they get to put on the mask, wayang costumes & do a bit of playacting.

Trying out the mask

We had a lot of fun here. Picking up different colored cloth, moving it around & seeing it reflected within the giant kaleidoscope.

Nothing too much happening at the Sun Deck

Chilli Garden

The kids are given a round plastic disc & asked to design it. Once done, slot into one of many cones scattered in the garden & watch it against the different backgrounds.

The stop that we liked best was the Happy Hawkers. There were 5 different stations where children can make food out of plasticine, serve the dish & at the same time learn about the old methods of making food. Satay, laksa, teh tarik, roti prata & tok tok mee.

This is the bowl of laksa she made complete with orange gravy, sliced egg, peas & chillis

Satays on the grill

Satays with sliced cucumbers & egg

That's how we spent an entire afternoon at the Museum

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