Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Lorong 9 Geylang

X is constantly amaze at the eating habits of Singaporeans. The latest being their ability to eat at roadside stalls but more importantly, how Singaporeans of all walks of life would do so. One day they could be dining at a high end French restaurant & the next day they would be eating at Geylang. You would never see this in France. Mostly because French are snobbish when it comes to food (& I mean this in a good way) & more so because they are finicky about hygiene.

No matter how good the food is, I would NEVER bring his folks to Geylang. I can't imagine them sitting by the road or drain, using utensils that are washed in a pail of water & a table that has been wiped with a cloth that has seen better days.

Judging from the crowds of people there, these are obviously not a concern with a majority of Singaporeans. As long as the food is good, we'll be there.

Pictures taken from my iphone leave much to be desired
but I'm going to post it anyway so indulge me

The famous Lorong 9 Frog leg claypot

Across the street for the Beef Horfun
Tender slices of beef with horfun
Still delicious after all these years

Oyster omelette
One of the best I've had
You can taste more of the egg & less of the starchy flour

We ordered one with ginger & spring onions
but much preferred the spicy ma la flavor

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