Sunday, July 10, 2011

Meal at Little India

We were recently at Little India & chatting (rather animatedly I suppose) about going to Komala Villas when the assistant in the shop we had just past, stopped us & said we should try New Madras Woodlands instead. Every single one in the shop bobbed their head in agreement so that was how we found ourselves trying out a new restaurant one Saturday morning.

These steel trays may look sterile & prison like but I like it. What's an Indian meal in a restaurant without these trays. That's the idly set, by the way.

Forgot what these doughnut things are called
but we loved them so much, we had seconds & thirds

Cheese thosai

Mango lassi, yum

Playing with food ?

The entire meal for 4 adults & 2 children with drinks came up to $34.
Good & inexpensive

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Victoryperfect said...

Great thoughts you got there, believe I may possibly try just some of it throughout my daily life.

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