Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Little Boutique Hotel India

In New York, they refer it as gentrification - the upgrade & restoration of deteriorated urban property by upper or middle class families thus changing the character of the area.

We call it modernisation. However you want to call it, that seem to be the way Little India is heading . Even Mustafa has upgraded. Loh Lik Peng, the wonderchild of Singapore's boutique hotel is quite a success story. I've raved about the New Majestic Restaurant which is of course located in the New Majestic Hotel. The best thing is that he has restored & brought new life to these old buildings.

Wanderlust, a former school building

I like the Peranakan effect outside

But a very different industrial feel inside

The wallpaper to remind you which neighbourhood you are in

A disadvantage to have a French partner who is a chef is that we hardly ever eat in French restaurants. He would take one look at the menu, gives his stamp of approval (as in he recognises the traditional dishes) & then say, oh we can have that at home (which is probably true when we were back in France but over here, we don't eat French that much at home, hint hint).
Anyway I like the homey feel of the restaurant &
determined to check it out one day with or without him

Cute little bar area

Yet another boutique hotel Moon
right next to the Wanderlust


Ivana said...

Hey, have you tried the Black Sheep Cafe in Little India. It's quite yummy too, but service might take a little longer than what we are used to here... same as in France though = )

petite fleur said...

Little India is such a fascinating neighbourhood. I just googled to see where the Black Sheep Cafe is. Read about it but have not been there.