Saturday, July 30, 2011

Summer is a state of mind

I miss Summer.

This may seem a strange thing to say given that I live in Singapore where it's summer all year round. Let me explain.

Summer is not just about the weather. Sure we look forward to the warmer temperatures after a long cold winter, wearing summer dresses & open toe sandals after having to be covered up for months.

But mostly summer is about BBQs, trips to the beach, concerts in the park, lazy days by the pool & the longer days. So to me, summer is like a different world after winter. I'm missing it especially when I look at friend's photos on Facebook or hearing about their plans to go to the beach.

I need to re-create that summer feeling here in Singapore.


Ivana said...

I hear you... I miss asking about my friend's plans for les vacances d'ete... I miss making my own plans for the summer vacation... the thrill of deciding where to go, to planning the logistics, getting accomodation and leaving the bustle of Paris for 2 weeks.

I miss the seasonal stone fruits. My cherries and peaches and plums. I miss the raspberries and strawberries...

I want to be on summer vacation too!

Dutchess said...

You and me both, petit fleur!

petite fleur said...

After I wrote this post, so many of my friends also messaged me separately telling me that they feel the same.

Summer is not the same when it's available all year round. It's not really summer. I miss summer.