Saturday, January 3, 2009

French Doughnuts

Beignets are French donuts, without the holes. You can find them in the local pastry shops & like everything else, each region would have their own special recipe.

It's a tradition in our family that X makes beignets around this time. So instead of cookies, we give away bags of beignets.

(makes around 50 pieces)

1.5 kg flour
42g fresh yeast (usu comes in a cube)
8 eggs
1 cup of oil
100g butter
1 bottle fleur d'oranger
icing sugar

1. Mix yeast with a cup of hot water, 100g of flour & 1 Tsp of sugar. Set aside to let rise for half an hour

2. Take the yeast mixture, add the rest of the flour, eggs, oil, butter & fleur d'oranger. Mix into a dough & then leave to rise for 3-4 hours (depending on temperature of the room)

3. Roll the dough to 1 cm thick, cut into squares & then deep fry till brown

4. Drain & then put in plastic bag with icing sugar. Shake till all are coated

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Katherine said...

uh... the love of sugar coated fried doughs.