Wednesday, January 14, 2009

La debacle des sentiments

I realised that even though I try to cover all aspects of French life as I know it on this blog, I hardly talk about it's music. And music is such a big part of my life here. I listen to French radio when I'm doing my chores, when I'm driving or when I'm surfing the net.

You might have heard of Carla Bruni, otherwise known as Mdm Sarkozy, our first lady or maybe even Yannick Noah, who has gone from being a tennis star to a very successful singing career. But other than that, most French singers/musicians are hardly known outside the French speaking community. How many of you know Johnny Hallyday ? Perhaps one of the most famous pop star here (he doesn't even have a wiki page in English).

So I now start my series of favorite French songs & this is my current fave from 2 excellent French artists - Calogero & Stanislas (bet you've not heard of them right ?)

I will be in Singapore for the next 3 weeks so I've scheduled a couple more posts for you to enjoy while I'm away.

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