Monday, January 5, 2009

More feasting & dining

This is just another one of the many lunches & dinners we've been to the past couple of weeks. Isn't that what the holiday is all about - feasting & dining ?

It has been a while since we were over at our neighbour's - Laurence & Christophe for dinner. Back then in the summer, we dined on the terrace. Well we couldn't very well do that now, could we ?

This was the first time I had Hydromel -
a honey liquer with origins from the Middle Ages, brewed by the Greeks & Romans

No outdoor dining this time of the year
- there's nothing quite like the warmth from the fire place

Raclette with vegetable side dish


Jim See said...

We had Raclette on New Year's Day too! Instead of a fireplace, we were sweating like pigs enjoying the smelly cheese, cured meats, potatoes, selection of veggies and prawns on our terrace.

Come over to our place when you are here! So much to catch up and I LOVE your blog =)

petite fleur said...

I'd love to see your new place. Will call you when I'm back.