Tuesday, September 30, 2008


After our excursion to Ray Pic Waterfall, we visited the nearby village of Burzet.

Every year on Good Friday, the residents of Burzet dress up to perform a procession re-enacting the Passion of Christ.
As I mentioned earlier, Burzet is also along the route of the Monte Carlo Rally which returned to Ardeche in 2007 after a 10 year absence. But it was the church that I wanted to visit.

Church of St Andre, classified as a Historical Monument,
masterpiece of gothic art built in the 15th Century

This is not the first time I've seen contemporary designs in
stained glass windows in churches around here

The church bells
were installed on 1818 & 1853

The statue of the Virgin Mary & the Clock tower
overlooking the village


bACk in GERMANY said...

So the sun was over on your side!

Beautiful pictures!
What ISO values do you use for the indoor shots? Do you set the white balance to auto mode? Gotta get some tips from you!

petite fleur said...

Back in Germany - This is a little trick I do. I set on auto & switch off the flash & see what ISO it gives me. Then I switch back to manual & try around that. Indoor shots are tricky esp in dark churches.

charming said...

Beautiful church. I love churches like these with its history.

petite fleur said...


Thank you for dropping by. Going to hop over to check out your blog.