Friday, September 5, 2008

New favorite curry paste

Curry chicken, Singapore's favorite picnic food. As unlikely as it may be, everyone loves curry chicken at a picnic. I can never quite figure out why. You just have to walk along East Coast & unto any of the parties having a BBQ & I bet you, they would have curry chicken on the menu.

Even tho we don't eat it at picnics here, curry chicken is one of our favorites. And no, we don't only eat this when the weather is cold. Think about where all the best spicy food comes from - Thailand, Mexico, India, Singapore, Malaysia - & do they have winters ?

When I was in Geneva, my friends generously gave me their stash of A1 curry paste & I was ecstatic. Everybody keeps telling me that it's the best & I haven't been able to get my hands on any.

So last week I decided to try this out. First of all, fry an onion (even tho the paste contains shallots, I just don't feel like I'm making curry unless I fry an onion), next add the paste, add 3 chicken legs & potatoes , coat them with the curry paste then add 0.5 litre of water & bring it to a boil then simmer until the meat & potatoes are cooked. When done, add coconut milk.

Simple, quick & so delicious. We ate ours with rice & baguette. Even the little one gobbled down every last bit of rice & happily dunked her bread in the curry. This is now my new favorite brand of curry paste.


bACk in GERMANY said...

Wow... N likes spicy food! :)
Think I wanna cook curry for tonight!!!

petite fleur said...

We love spicy too....and curry chicken is such comfort food.

~Sasha Farina~ said...

yummmmmm. . . now I know what to cook for lunch! :) I use Baba's though, not A1 :)

Sri said...

Yum!! I have to find this much talked about curry paste. This looks delicious!
BTW, thanks for the award. Will pass it on later. :D

Bing said...

This is my family's fave curry paste and I brought a ton over to Auckland (where my husband and I live) too.

I like to add a tablespoon full of curry powder and a big splash of Shaoxing Huatiao wine to it. The curry has even more flavour after that! There are never any leftovers when we serve this to guests.

Lilian said...

This is the only curry paste I use too! Have been using this for a few years now. A1 brand, A1 easy to use yet so tasty.

petite fleur said...

Looks like this is everybody's favorite too...I guess I'm a little late in the game but better late than never, right ?

Sasha - I've not heard of Baba's but will look out for it the next time I'm back.

Sri - I'm sure you can find it where you are.

Bing - I'm so glad you dropped by cos you have a very interesting blog. Looking forward to reading more.

Lilian - Tell me, how much do you normally use ? Is it enough to just use a few Tbsp ? This time I put the whole packet but I think it's a bit of an overkill & also a waste. If I do that, I'll run out of this soon.

Beau Lotus said...

Hmmm...have never seen this paste before, but if you say it's good then I must try it!!!

We all love curry in this family too.

Anonymous said...

this paste is really good.
we use it for our curry chicken as well.


petite fleur said...

Miri - Thanks for dropping by & leaving a comment. Just curious, how did you come across my blog ?