Saturday, December 26, 2009

Celebrating Christmas

Last night we had an interesting conversation about celebrating Christmas.

I was telling everyone how surprised I was when one of my Muslim friends complained that she hasn't finished her Christmas shopping which prompted me to reply "Do you celebrate Christmas ?". That started the discussion of how Christmas has become one big festive period rather than a religious holiday.

I love the fact that all holidays are celebrated & embraced in Singapore. There is none of that *political correctness* that has become so prevalant in America. Did you know that President Obama has stipulated that there will be no Christmas Tree in the White House - it's known as the Holiday Tree & all ornaments must not be of a religious nature ? And that the words "Merry Christmas" & "Happy Hannuka" are not be used but rather Happy Holidays.

The latter I'm used to cos when I was living in New York, if you are not sure if someone celebrates Christmas, you just say Happy Holidays. Over here, everybody wishes everybody Merry Christmas just like we would wish them Happy New Year - no religious connotation, just that they enjoy the festive season. Christians & non Christians - all share in the celebrations. Likewise for Hari Raya or Deepavali.

Just because we are so racially tolerant here doesn't mean we must not be sensitive to other religions. I was recently informed by my office staff that I can't heat up pork items in the microwave nor put non halal food in the fridge (which happens sometimes when I bring leftovers to the office for lunch). I immediately made a mental note to be more careful in future.

So let this be a season to be jolly !! Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas !!

If you are still hunting for presents (you know how it is - when someone you hadn't planned on giving a present, suddenly gives you one), here's a list of uniquely Singapore gifts. Be sure to check out the other interesting lists.


Anonymous said...

I used to work in an American MNC in Spore where they had a staff canteen with 2 microwaves: one for halal food and the 2nd one for everything else. In each department, there was only one shared fridge.

Microwaves & small fridges are cheap anyway especially for non-branded ones sold at Carrefour, perhaps suggest to yr company to buy a 2nd one for each.

Happy Holidays to you!

Olive Tree Guitar Ensemble said...

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eunice koh said...

Merry Christmas to you and X and N!! Funny, how I never thought about being PC about Christmas. Great post!

Asfan said...

yeah that's great .. We have many things in common ..Similar to my blog

petite fleur said...

anon - that's a good idea. we cud probably do with a second microwave. not sure about the fridge tho'. happy new year !

olive tree - thank you. i'll try to keep it up.

eunice - can't wait to see you guys again over cny.

asfan - thank you for dropping by.