Monday, December 14, 2009

Quan an ngon

This was our last meal in Vietnam. After our 5 days by the beach, we headed back to Saigon to catch out flight home. Our friends brought us to yet another, good food spot.

You will probably find this in all the guide books. One guy had the idea to bring together the best street food in Saigon into one place. So think of it as one big food court.

Find a table. Walk around to see what is available. Decide what you want. Then get one of the waiters to walk around with you again. Start pointing & ordering. Return to table. Devour dishes. Order more if still hungry. Simple as that.

The place is full of tourist & may not be satisfying as eating by the road but you do get a wide range of food & very decent quality.

Everything looks so good. Be careful you don't over order. We clearly did & seemed to greedily gobbled down everything.

This was our favorite. Vietnamese satays.
Absolutely delicious.

We didn't order this.
Think they were stuffed snails.

Grilled seafood is always a crowd favorite

I ordered this pig's ear wrap
- nobody shared this with me except the kids who only wanted the rice paper

Yum another satisfying meal

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