Thursday, December 17, 2009

She's 5

Last week you turned 5 & yes, as you like to tell everyone you are no longer a baby.

Who would have thought when I wrote your birthday message last year that we would be celebrating your next one in Singapore. You have been a real trooper this year. I was afraid that you would have a hard time adjusting to life here having lived in the French countryside all your life but you seemed to have embraced it here.

When we first arrived, you didn't speak much English. Since I didn't want you to only hang around with French kids, I didn't register you in the French school. Now not only do you speak English like a local child, you refuse to speak French (what's up with that !). A fact that is causing some distress with your parents. Mamie & papy are also very sad when you don't speak to them in French.

It still amazes me how quickly you seemed to have adapted to living here. You settled down very well in your new school - you love your new friends & teacher Juliana. When before you never talked about what happened in school, now that's all you talk about & more. Neither your father & I are very chatty, we suspect you might have gotten that from your grandmother.

Being the affectionate child that you are, you cannot seem to understand why the kids are not more so here. How many times have you tried to hug or kiss a boy, only to have him draw away ? It's not because they don't like you, sweetie, they are just shy & not used to this kind of affection. I don't want you to stop being affectionate, you hear me. You always have us for hugs & kisses.

This year, you've also learned how to swim. We didn't sign you up for any lessons. Your father taught you & before we know it, you started swimming without your float bands & not long after, can swim the length of the pool. I couldn't be prouder. Unlike your other friends, you don't go to any enrichment classes - I know you feel a little left out sometimes but believe me, there will be time enough when you're older that you need extra classes, just not now.

The one thing you seem to miss about France is the food. You were never difficult when it comes to food but that seemed to have all changed. You used to love cheeses, any types of cheese but not anymore. You never refused ham before but now wouldn't touch any. You were adventurous with food before, now you hardly eat. Por por does most of the cooking now but whenever papa decides to cook French, your eyes light up. You love your gratin and hache parmentier and pot au feu and of course your favorite escargots.

I'm delighted that you enjoy being in Singapore. It's where I grew up & I want you to get to know it too. You will go back to France with Papa next year for a few months - don't forget that too is your home. Know that you have family in France & in Singapore who love you very much.

Happy Birthday my princess

Gros gros bisous
Maman & Papa.


monlim said...

Awww... such a sweet letter and your little dd is so gorgeous, words fail me! I know where she got her super adaptability from - straight from her gung-ho mum.

May she always be as affectionate and sweet as she is now!

jims said...

Such a lovely letter! Hugs and kisses to Nathaly. Happy birthday, my dear!

Katia said...

So touching! I'm so glad to hear Nathalie is feeling at home there. Children can adapt so fast, can't they? It's quite a radical change from St-Julien du Serre, but there seems to be so much to do and you seem to be doing so much of it that I'm not surprised the young girl loves it! And I bet one of the best things of all for her is having lots of fun time to spend with her mum AND her dad! Happy belated birthday, cutie! We miss you! xxx

petite fleur said...

monica - Haha I suppose you are right but she's also at the age where you can transplant them anywhere & it wouldn't matter.

jims - Thank you. You remember. Happy New Year !

Katia - We miss you too. It's a lot different from St Julien du Serre, that's for sure. I miss. Congratulations on finally moving to the new house.

Beau Lotus said...

Bon anniversaire to your little girl!

I have enjoyed this post, it's very sweet. We are in the same boat, though at least you get to bring her back for a few years to absorb our side of the heritage.

I wonder if I'll get the chance...

Lilian said...

That's a lovely letter, hope to read one every year this time. And N is gorgeous as always. I love the fact that she's so Singaporean now, just too funny, though her french side of the family can't be very amused about it.

petite fleur said...

Lotus - You are already doing it in your own way. All those lovely local dishes you manage to churn out in Modena is bringing a little part of Singapore there.

Lilian - Yup which is why her father wants to bring her back for a couple of months this year to make sure she doesn't forget completely her French.