Saturday, March 22, 2008

Chocolate chip cookie ice cream

I've been having so much fun with the ice cream maker. It has even infected X - he, of course has an industrial size ice cream maker & has attempted to make some on the boat.

Right after my success with green tea ice cream, the next flavour I wanted to attempt was cookies. After all one of my favorite is Haagen Dazs Cookies & Cream & they don't sell it here.

I used the basic custard recipe but just added 4 Tbsp of vanilla to it. The crushed cookies were added about 5 mins before the ice cream is finished churning in the machine.

This turned out even better than the green tea ice cream !! Strangely enough, the cookies were not great but when mixed with t
he ice cream, heavenly. I can imagine what it would be like if I got my hands on some good quality chocolate chip cookies. Only comment was X prefers bigger chunks of cookies (will remember to crush them less the next round). I don't think we need to ever buy any ice cream again.

On the other hand, my attempt at blueberry ice cr
eam didn't turn out so great. Instead of using the basic custard recipe, I tried with only heavy cream. Although it looked great (bright purple), it tasted too much of cream & not enough of blueberries. Back to the drawing board. I'll put up the recipe only after I'd gotten it right.

Chocolate chip cookie ice cream

250 ml milk
250 ml heavy cream
180 g sugar
5 egg yolks
4 Tbsp vanilla
4-5 chocolate chip cookies

1. Beat egg yokes then add in the sugar
2. Heat milk in a small pan over low heat. Do not boil
3. Remove from fire & pour in the egg mixture
4. Put it back over the stove & continue cooking over low heat. It is very important that it does not boil else you'll end up with bits of scrambled eggs. Stirring constantly until mixture thickens. This is how I check - I'll tilt the pan & if a thin film stays at the bottom of the pan, it's ready.
5. Remove & strain through a fine sieve.
6. Let this cool completely.
7. Lightly whip the cream & add 4 Tbsp vanilla. Add this to the cold custard.
8. Pour into ice cream maker & prepare as per instructions. Add the crushed cookies 5 mins before the cycle ends.


Sri said...

ooo!! I dont know how you have the patience to do this! LOL... It looks delish though. YOu made me want to buy an icecream maker. kekekeke...

petite fleur said...

It doesn't take much time. Once you get a hang of making the custard, it's a breeze.

Mel said...

agree with Sri - you're making me want to get an ice-cream maker as my dd and myself love ice-cream! :D

petite fleur said...

Mel - thanks by dropping by the blog. I tried to go to your blog but it's by invitation only. Once you start making your own ice cream, you never want to go back to buying.