Monday, March 17, 2008

Spring has arrived

Signs that spring has finally arrived.

I can finally leave the windows open.

Wild flowers start to pop up everywhere.

Fruit trees are starting to blossom (this peach tree belongs to X's father).

And of course, allergies but I'm not going to talk about that cos I don't want my first blog entry to be a rave & rant. It's going to be positive which is what spring is all about. Which is why I've decided to finally set this up.

This will be the place where I'm going to share my travel stories around Ardeche & in France, bringing up N & the many food experiments in my kitchen. Hope you enjoy your stay chez moi.


SBK said...

Some great pictures! I have yet to go out on a hot date with my D300 yet... :-)

petite fleur said...

I love your pictures too. You should post more of them.