Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Mother & Child meal

This is what we had for lunch today. Wonton mee with home made wontons & char siew. The 2 dishes are not identical cos the Girl doesn't like wontons (so strange).

That's what I call comfort food.


Sri said...

Hello! Hello!!!! This looks delish, of course!

Sri said...

I tag you!

x said...

This will make my days for sure , it
s really perfect for a nice lunch ...x

Anonymous said...

2 things -
where you gettin the char siew in the frech mountains, girl???

between you and x, how can girl possibly not like something food related!?!?! what up wit that?

glad to read you all are well - i will get user name etc soon - take care


petite fleur said...

X - you can have this for lunch anytime.

Pil - thanks for dropping by. I make my own char siew & wontons, of course. When it comes to food, she is more French.