Thursday, October 23, 2008

The little straw house

This is the little straw house my friends Katia & Mathieu are building. You'll remember them from here. This is another example of people who are serious about bricolage. They are literally building their house from scratch.

Katia has even documented the whole process in her photo albums in Facebook. They are building their dream house in a dream location. This is really amazing especially to someone who grew up in the city & whose idea of building is that of Lego bricks.

I also love the fact that the materials they used are going to be energy efficient & environmentally friendly. Can't wait to see how their house turned out which is expected to be in spring next year.

Shall we take a walk around the area ?

Apple tree right in their backyard

The Girls enjoying our little walk around La Souche

Katia assured me this was edible
A mushroom called coulemelle
(which is absolutely delicious in an omelette)
Talk about dream location - a mushroom-growing field right by your house

The mushroom was bigger than The Girl's face


Sri said...

Interesting house. It looks quite nice actually. The first thing that comes to my mind was, "...and the Big Wolf huffs and puffs and blow the house away..." :D

eunice said...

I agree with Sri. It looks like something out of a fairy tale. Wonderful. OMG the mushroom is HUGE!!!

elementumm said...

I want to move to France too!

petite fleur said...

Sri - The 3 little pigs did cross my mind when I was writing this post. But trust me, it's a lot sturdier than it looks.

Eunice - Fairy tale land indeed

elementumm - Well it's got it's fair share of pluses & minuses