Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Where I stock up ?

I'm sure you can appreciate what a challenge it is to find Asian groceries over here. Apart from care packages from friends & family, I really rely on going to the cities to stock up. The local supermarket has a dismal selection.

Everybody has been telling me about this Asian store in Aubenas but maybe it was because of X's ambivalence, I've never actually been in there. I walked past once & all I saw were Indian spices & Chinese tea, so I didn't even bother going in.

So last month I was with Laurence in Aubenas & finally after 4 years, I decided to go in to take a look. Imagine my surprise, when I discovered Aladdin's cave. It's a tiny shop but jam packed from floor to ceiling with an amazing selection of sauces, noodles, can food (yeah enoki mushrooms & baby corn) & all kinds of spices from not just Asia but Middle East.

Last week, I had to make a trip there to buy rice cos my sack of 25kg of rice has finally finished. I know I'm little late on this but gosh, 15 euro for 5kg of rice ? I shouldn't be complaining about the prices cos it's nice to have this little shop close by & to know that I don't ever have to panic if I were to run out of tamarind, water chestnut or sesame oil.

Those are the tins of Chinese tea leaves that greets you as you enter the shop

More spices & provisions from Middle East & India
I don't know what's the deal with photos of the children
I only just noticed them, will have to ask her when I'm there next

1 pl 14 Juillet 07200 AUBENAS
04 75 93 78 46

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