Monday, March 9, 2009

Caipirinhas & the party is on

This edition of my series on drinks, is brought to you courtesy of Gaby who lugged back several bottles of cachaça (sugar cane rum) from her last trip to Germany. If you've not heard of it, caipirinha is the national cocktail of Brazil. It's available everywhere & you can even have them made right on the beach.

It's what a summer drink is all about - refreshing & delicious. Well even though we're huddling in our turtle necks & sweaters, there's no reason not to enjoy a caiprinha or 2 or 3.

This is how Gaby make her yummy caipirinhas

1. First start by cutting up one whole lime into small pieces & put that into a glass

2. Add 1 Tbsp of sugar
3. Using a muddler, crush the limes till you get all the juice out
4. Next filled the glass with crushed ice (ice cube is not going to cut it, it has to be crushed ice. In fact she owns an ice crusher - they must be drinking a lot of caipirinhas, well I'm just saying)
5. Then pour in the cachaça till it fills the glass

6. Stir well mixing the lime juice with the cachaça

7. Serve & enjoy

That's Loïc using a muddler to crush the limes

That's Gaby very generously filling the glasses up with cachaça

Top it with a very festive straw
& you have it, caiprinha

Gaby also prepared nachos, guacamole & salsa
I brought bolinhos de bacalhau, of course


Katia said...

My goodness!! WHAT kind of wild drinking party did I miss today? I bet you all finished the playgroup dancing wildly round the garden! ;)

petite fleur said...

We might have been dancing wildly if we have had these in the middle of the afternoon....but we had something a little more tame - strawberry punch.