Thursday, March 19, 2009

A home cooked German meal

It's that time of the year when we hose down our outdoor tables (lotus, I'm thinking of you) & chairs & prepare for eating in the garden, terrace, backyard or just simply anywhere in the sun.

We were invited to chez Gaby once again but this time, to sample some German cooking. Something I was really looking forward to.

For snacks,
Little hot dogs dipped in a lovely sweet German mustard
I need to find the name of that mustard

I love eating outdoors

These are German dumplings called klosse
There are many versions the most common are with potatoes
but these are made with bread, a specialty of Bavaria

They may not look particularly appetising cos they are boiled
but they go really well with meat

Danke schön, Gaby


chicchicbaby said...

Hi Penguin, I found my way thru M4M : )
I remember these dumplings! I was shocked when I ate them, all gluteny and sticky. Lol. Had them in Germany, must have been authentic but really didnt agree with my palate. I am hoping that someday, my impression of German food will change.

petite fleur said...

Hi Bluemoon

Thank you for dropping by. I think German food is an acquired taste. The dumplings I had were not gluteny nor sticky at all. I suppose with everything else, you need to get the good ones to appreciate them.