Friday, March 27, 2009

The newly renovated Le Fournil

One of Aubena's gastronomic restaurant, Le Fournil re-opened in February after undergoing major renovations. So when I was deciding where to go for lunch, X suggested I go check it out.

I could barely recognise the place. Like La Villa Tartary, there seem to be a trend for restaurants here to go for modern contemporary deco which in my opinion, a little incongruous in a rural country setting. Having said that, it is a nice change from the family style restaurants & makes me feel like I'm back in the city again.

Upon arrival, we were led to a dimly lit dining room ......

but we opted for a table in the bright courtyard instead.
It might not have made a difference at night &
since it was a nice day, seems a shame to sit in the dark, don't you think ?

This was an apple mousse offered with our pre meal drinks
a rather unusual choice for apero

The delicious amuse bouche
potato & mushroom puree

I forgot to take a picture of my starter which wasn't spectacular, just a chicken liver salad.
But here's my main dish, salmon over a bed of herbed boiled potatoes

Dessert was trio of ice cream - pear, earl grey (that had us raving & even asking the chef for the recipe which he kindly wrote down for us) & so because of that, I don't remember what was the third flavour

Are you one of those that judge a restaurant by their bathrooms ?
Well I am

Overall, the food was good but not very original. It could be because we had the "boring" lunch menu. The menu goes up to 80 euros (which is rather steep for here) & I'm sure with that menu, you'll find a lot more interesting options.

However the service was excellent. Our server, a native Ardechoise spoke excellent English, having been around the world & back.

Do you think I'll have time to go back again before I leave this Sunday ?

Le Fournil
34 rue du 4 Septembre
07200 Aubenas
04 75 93 58 68


eunice said...

Beautiful restaurant. I thought I was the only one who judged restaurants by their restrooms (this one is beautiful). Yes, go back before you leave.

Grace said...

Ah what! Pear and earl gray desserts! those are two flavours I would really like to try ...haha now I'm terribly curious about what the third flavour was

petite fleur said...

Yeah we're going back again tomorrow. Must try a different menu.

I'll be sure to find out. The earl grey was really delicious.

Anonymous said...

The third flavour was "Papaya",..... I was the luckyone invited !!!!!!! Thanks petite fleur it was an exceptional experience ;)))