Wednesday, March 18, 2009

New Beginnings

My blog turned 1 & I posted my 300th entry.

My first post was about spring so a year later, I'm doing the same. There are so many things I love about spring.

When the first asparagus & strawberries start to appear

When wild flowers start to pop up everywhere

Of course, the biggest sign of spring is when my allergies kick in. I've resigned myself to the fact that I'm allergic to most of the vegetation around here. As long as I don't forget to take my meds, for the most parts, I'm fine.

Another big thing for us & another reason why posting has been sparse is because we are preparing to move back to Singapore. After 18 years of being away, I'm finally going back.

I'm going to miss this place that I've come to love & enjoy living. I know my city friends will be surprised to hear this but country living agrees with me. Actually if you're a regular reader of this blog, you'll know what I mean. But X's family is here. We will still keep our house & intend to visit every summer.

Moving to Singapore will prove to be very challenging on many levels - I'll be returning to work, The Girl has to adjust to new environment, school & being looked after by a nanny & X will have a career change.

But it's spring & new beginnings are always exciting.


Tsu Lin + + said...

SERIOUSLY? Wow... I guess congratulations in on its way? I'm really surprise to hear this though. I would've thought you'd be living in your French countryside for a long while...

When is the move?

Rachel Chung said...

Wow, I'd never. Congratulations on your new journey! I'm always excited to know when homemaker friends start a new venture. Hope to have tea with you soon :)

monlim said...

Wow! After 18 years, it probably would take some getting used to, coming back - esp the weather! But maybe now we'll have the chance to meet up :)

Anonymous said...

Finally, after so many years, a Singaporean returns. Look forward to catching up with you. I may have something that might be of interest.

Anonymous said...

Been your regular reader for the past year (hitted on your blog by chance), I felt cheated and surprised of your sudden announcement to move back to Singapore. Though its of your personal choice but I think you could reveal more and often instead of summarising just in one entry!

eunice said...

18 years is a long time.HOpe all goes well for you. Well BKK is pretty near if you need a short holiday :)

Anonymous said...

Welcome back then! Hope you plus everyone in your family adjust to life in Singapore well. Take it one day at a time.

Er, does your blog continue once the move to Singapore is complete?

petite fleur said...

Tsu lin
We're moving end of the month

I'd love to have tea with you. I'll be in touch.

Yes there are so many mums in IAA that I'd love to meet up with.

Anon #1
I'm sure I would love to catch up with you if I know who you are

Anon #2
What would you like me to elaborate on ? Why I'm making the move ? What are my moving plans ? Leave a comment so that I can do a post on it.


Anon #3
I want to keep writing but I do realised that some readers might feel cheated cos it will no longer be about my life in France.

Rojakrendezvous ver 2.0 will take on a different focus, that's for sure.

Dutchess said...

fleur: Don't worry about the readers. The beauty about following a blog is the reader accompanies the author where life takes him/her. Life is not stagnant so one's blog shouldn't be either. Sure you may lose a couple of readers but you will gain new ones along your new journey too.

Since we've moved to Beijing I haven't really done any cooking. My food entries are measely but I know once we return home later this year, things will be back to normal and I can cook and bake to my heart's content again. My itty bitty readership hasn't really been affected, I still get the same number of readers, all thanks to the regulars *THANK YOU!* so I know not everyone came for the food.

So do keep writing and about your new life in Singapore. It will be a treat for us exiles.

charming said...

Good luck re: the move. I am sure it will be an exciting and challenging time as you begin a new chapter. Looking forward to following your new journey. We might meet at the end of the year when I visit Spore/Msia.

bACk in GERMANY said...

Welcome back!
Though I must say I have mixed feelings reading this post:
Yes, we can finally meet sooner than I thought.
But no, it's so sad cos I know you'll miss the countryside heaps.
Feelings aside, I think it'll be great fun back home too.

Good luck on your move and see back home soon.

Beau Lotus said...

Wow, that's news! So do tell more about it, please!

And congrats, I'd love to move back for a while, I've missed home - it has been nearly 14 years for me...

Maybe we'll be able to meet up when I next go home.