Friday, October 9, 2009

I didn't go there to shop

Since we were on the topics of shops, I thought I'd mention Ion Orchard. For my overseas friends, it's the latest addition to our fleet of shopping malls along Orchard Road.

I must be the one of the last person in Singapore to go there. I didn't go there to shop (okay well maybe to Uniqlo) but I really wanted to check out the building.

It is one amazing structure. I love the design right down to the entrance to the MRT station.

The water sprouts which are even more beautiful at night.

Urban People


I love especially the design of the retail shops.

Especially the Louis Vuitton's wave like wall
Gorgeous !


Anonymous said...

Don't worry. Till now, I have not set foot in Orchard Rd for the past 4 years, I live & work up north. Am a Sporean & lived here all my life. Orchard Rd used to be a haunt when I was much younger & working at Raffles Place but no more. Suburban shopping centers is where I go. Don't miss Orchard Rd one jot.

petite fleur said...

Aha I'm not the only one. Orchard Rd is way too crowded for me. I try to avoid going there as much as I can.