Monday, October 19, 2009

Bottle Tree Park

The beautiful Bottle Tree

I have my friend Barb to thank for letting me know about this place.

The story is that one tree lover bought these unusual & exotic trees from Australia, planted them in Singapore and created a concept village complete with recreational facilities, restaurant, event hall, park & lagoon. A village called Bottle Tree Park.

One Sunday morning, with no other plans, we made our way bus. Yup I even took out our bus guide to research what bus to take. The Girl was so thrilled to be taking the bus, it was a little embarrassing, as if we don't take her out much. That in itself was enough entertainment for her.

Anyway the bus turned out to be a good idea cos it dropped us right in front of the Park.

I'm guessing it must be really busy in the evenings. There is a children's playground when you enter & also paddle boats shaped like a swan for the dating couples (but none of them were taken when we were there).

But fishing was the name of the game over there. You could fish in the big pond or you could catch shrimps in this little pond & for the kids, longkang fishing.

For S$10, you get a small fish tank & a net & you are free to catch as many as you can.

It's not as easy as it looks. The Girl got frustrated very quickly so guess who did most of the work. There was a big sign prohibiting parents from helping the children fish but everybody was doing it especially for the younger ones. Nobody wanted the children to walk away empty handed. So who do you think is the talent in the family ? X 20 Mum 1. I was obviously not very skilled in that department but let me tell you, everybody was. All the other fish tanks were filled to the brim with fish.

After that very tiring exercise, we were ready for lunch & we headed over to the seafood restaurant that is within the park. We ordered the deep fried squid but practically left the plate untouched cos nobody liked the thick batter. I was so looking forward to the claypot crab tanghoon & even though it was tasty & the crabs were decent size, it was way too salty for my liking.

After lunch, we brought the tank over to the counter, they bagged the fish, pumped oxygen & we carried them home. What happened after that ? I thought, okay so we'll just buy a fish bowl & put the fishes in there. How difficult can that be ? We'll just stop by an aquarium on our way home.

1 hour later, we walked out with a fish tank, an air pump (fish need air bubbles), sand (to collect the fish poop), water stabiliser (to prevent stress for the fish, that's what it says on the bottle), fish food, plastic greens (to decorate the tank), fish food & $80 poorer.

Bottle Tree Park
81 Lorong Chencharu


Ngai said...

hmmm.... i hope your fishes are still alive after your $80 investment. Mine usually dies within the week or two!

Lilian said...

Where is this place?? Looks fascinating, I love the tree :)

BeLive said...

hi, can't believe it, i am reading your blog to get an update of my hometown. so many places i've never been too and so much changes in such a short time! thanks...keep blogging:)

meng said...

yep...where is it located?

petite fleur said...

Ngai - They would have last longer if the el cheapo pump we bought hadn't died on us.

Lilian - I'll update the blog with the address.

BeLive - Likewise, I'm enjoying your adventures all over the world.

Meng - Yishun

Beau Lotus said...

Now, this sounds like a good park. Definitely will check it out when I'm back next. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

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