Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I'm not a big shopper which is why you won't read a lot about shops or shopping on this blog. But once in a while, I'll come across something that piqued my interest. For example the huge National Geographic Shop in Vivocity.

I love travelling.

From as long as I can remember, it has always been my passion. I love exploring cities, off the beaten track exotic destinations, discovering music, food & culture but mostly I love travelling alone. I can't remember how it started but it's extremely empowering. After you've done it once, you never look back. I don't wait for friends to join me, I just decide on a place, pack my bags & I'm off.

The irony is that the moment I stopped working when I have more time to travel, I actually didn't travel as much. Part of the reason being that I had a baby, I'm sure all you mothers out there know what I mean. Even then, we managed - strapped her into her car seat & we were off.

Anyway back to the shop. To be honest, I wasn't interested in their merchandise - safari jackets are not my thing but the shop evoked such a sense of wanderlust, I found myself loitering in the shop for longer than I'd expected.

Who would have thought that National Geographic would have a retail shop ?

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