Friday, October 16, 2009

My favorite spot in Singapore

This here, ladies & gentlemen, is my favorite place in Singapore (apart from my apartment of course). Forest n Trees @ The Cathay. They feature lots of Carrie Chau's designs. If you've not heard of her, she's the prolific 30 something HK artist behind Blind Fly & Blacksheep.

But it's not just a shop, it's a nail salon too. This is where I go when I'm in need of some pampering. When I was living in New York, getting a mani & pedi is de rigueur. A ritual in fact. That all stopped when I moved to France, too expensive.

Now that I'm back in Singapore, you can bet this ritual has been resurrected. In fact come to think of it, not only do I have my regular manicure & pedicure, there is also the hair cut, waxing & facial. What used to be luxury has now become necessities, especially at my age.

This is not your run of the mill nail salon.

The shop is a relaxing place with lots of quirky stuff to keep you occupied. The Girl loves it there cos she gets pampered too - she gets lots of attention & even though she's too young for a pedicure, I do let her put little nail stickers on her nails.

I'm looking at my slightly chipped toe nail. Hmm maybe it's time to make another appointment.

Forest n Trees
2 Handy Rd
#03-02 The Cathay


Anonymous said...

Hi Rojak Rendezvous,

I currently live overseas and miss pampering myself. I'm looking forward to doing just that on a trip back home.

This place sounds and looks so therapeutic. I'd love to give it a try. What do they charge for a mani and a pedi?


petite fleur said...

Hi R : It's embarrassing but I don't know exactly cos I bought a package from them. I think it's around S$60 for a mani & pedi - it's the works, you get a mini spa & massage as well.