Saturday, October 3, 2009

Just to say I've been there, done that

Geez I never thought I'd get those Bali posts out of the way. For some reason, they took forever. As a result, there's a bottle neck. I have a gazillion entries waiting to be posted so here goes.

X is a big F1 fan. When we were living in France, he would set his alarm clock to wake up to watch the Asian races & now that we're living Asia, he would stay up late to watch the European races.

But I'm not. I'll watch it on TV & I get what's going on & I know who's who but you won't find me waking up in the middle of the night to watch F1. So why was I so psyched about going to watch the night race in Singapore ? Yup I was the one who surfed ebay for tickets.

Unless you're prepared to pay S$8000 for the deluxe paddock tickets, the best place to watch the race is still on TV. But I love the *atmosphere* - I enjoy a football tailgate party, eating a hotdog in Yankee stadium....& I had to do it at least once.

Blink & it's gone

After a quick survey amongst my friends, everybody recommended the walkabout tickets & since X wouldn't want to miss the action, we decided the best course of action would be to go on Saturday to catch the qualifying rounds.

Reality check - unless you have a professional camera & lens, you are not going to be able to take any decent shots of the cars going at 300 km/h at night. But everybody is patient enough to try & try again.

These cars were way easier to capture

We walked around & being novices that we were, didn't know where to go, ended up hanging out at the Padang & quite happily watching the action from the big screen.

Talk about atmosphere - what a great backdrop.

This turned out to be the highlight of the evening for us. Just before the qualifying races started, there was a performance by this group whose name I forgot to note down. They looked like men in white on stilts walking around the picnickers sitting on the lawn.

They then transformed into these huge light bulb creatures & it was an amazing show.

I can now say that I've been there & done that. Next year, am I going back ? Doubt it. Unless it's to go watch this performance again.

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