Monday, October 5, 2009

The real real reason we're back

I blogged about how this was the real reason we moved back. Well, that wasn't entirely true. The real real reason we're back is because of my mother's soups. I'm surprised I have not bragged about them yet.

My mum's Cantonese so soups are a must for every meal. I'm going to create a category called Mum's soups.

So this is another Cantonese classic - 3 types of *carrots* with pork bones & corn. The 3 types of carrots are carrots, radish & the green one (sorry I don't know the English name) plus the usual suspects like chinese ham & dried scallops. The trick is not to put too much water else it would dilute the taste.

Watch this space for more soups.


molemole said...


Really love reading your blog as well as looking at your photos. Would love to meet you in person at an upcoming event, would you be able to drop me an email so that I can furnish you with more details?

Looking forward to your email!


Anonymous said...

I just used Google Image to see what a raw green carrot look like. I have not seen it in my entire life. The supermarkets don't stock it so need to find it in the wet markets I guess.