Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Instead of going on the Singapore Flyer

Wanna know what we end up doing instead of going on the Singapore Flyer ?

You've seen them on the roads & haven't you wanted to go on one of them ? Well I have & I did.

2 weeks ago we had a house guest from France & it was the perfect opportunity aka excuse to go check it out. Remember the Great Singapore Pass that I'd blogged about, well it came in really handy & got us a good discount.

It's an hour ride - half hour on land & half an hour in the water.

It was fun seeing everything from another perspective.

Not sure if it was limitation of time or size, we didn't go near Boat Quay which I thought was a pity
But we did have a good view of the Esplanade & the Singapore Flyer....

... all angles of the Singapore Flyer

Eye candy for the ladies
Our house guest, Remy


Anonymous said...

Yes, he looks delicious!

petite fleur said...

anon - glad you think so.